Why create a Website with GoldStat ?

At GoldStat, we have professional mining and geological engineers who understand the mining industry. Our Webmaster works closely with our engineers to provide you with the best website for your projects.

Be in the community

Getting your own website is by far the best way to increase your mining projects visibility. Also, being part of the GoldStat community will give you access to multiple resources.

Increased visibility

When creating your Website, we will add your projects to our Minestat web application. MineStat.com has on average five hundred pages visited every day.

Cost effective

Get a low cost one pager-style Website with all the basic content you need to properly promote your projects and expand your visibility to potential investors.

It's simple

We will support you at each step in the preparation of the information you wish to share on your mining activities and projects.


Click below to have a look and feel of the prospector package


The prospector package is a simple and effective one-pager Website. You should always have a website that serves as a reference for your professional activities. This low-cost package is a perfect complement to your professional representation and the promotion of your exploration projects.

How do I proceed ?

It is very simple. We will need some information on your part including some pictures. It can be done in four easy steps :

Purchase a package

First, select the package that best suits your needs. It's very simple. Click here to the pricing section. We will contact you within the next 48 hours.


After discussing your needs, we will send you a simple questionnaire about your company's activities and your projects. Simply return the questionnaire.


As you can imagine, a good Website has good pictures. We will need between one and two pictures for your company and between one and four pictures for each of your projects.

That's it!

Let us work for a few days, and we will contact you for your Website delivery.


Satisfaction guarantee or refund after 30 days



CAN Per Year

Includes the following features:
  • Under GoldStat.net domain
  • One Pager Website
  • Your company profile
  • Two projects description
  • Exposure in MineStat
  • 1h consultation with p. engineer
  • One update per year


CAN Per Year

Includes the following features:
  • Own domain name
  • One pager Web Site
  • Your company profile
  • Four projects description
  • Exposure in MineStat
  • 5h consultation with p. engineer
  • two update per year
  • Exposure on social media
  • No publicity on your Website


CAN Per Year

Includes the following features:
  • Own Domain name
  • Own shared server
  • Muti-page Website
  • Employee email adress
  • Your company profile
  • Six projects description
  • Exposure in MineStat
  • 16h consultation with p. engineer
  • Tree update per year
  • Stock Quote prices
  • commodity prices

Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some questions that may rise up in your decision process to go forward with your new one-pager Website

Yes you can. We will send you the same questionnaire for us to enter your project into our Web application minestat.com

Yes, you can. We'll find the template that best suits your business. Depending on the model you choose, additional fees will be added

Yes, you can. Your website can be updated twice a year. You can add the Backend option which will allow you to modify your content at will.

With you, we will find an available domain name.

A one-page site can contain several sections like a multi-page site. Here are the sections that will be on your web page:

  • Header - With your company name.
  • About - Your company's mission.
  • Projects - Your projects descriptions and some pictures.
  • Investors - Documents for downloads.
  • Management - Your management team
  • Contact - Address, phone and LinkedIn.

Yes we do. We can provide Multi-page Website, with RSS news feed and private access to backend administrations and additional tools. We can link your Website to secure databases that can be used for any purposes you need. We use Symfony 5 and MySQL.

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