Create a Website with GoldStat

At GoldStat, we understand the mining industry. Our Webmaster works closely with our engineers to provide you with the best website for your company and your projects.

Be in the community

Getting your own website is by far the best way to increase your mining projects visibility. Also, being part of the GoldStat community will give you access to multiple resources.

Increased visibility

When creating your Website, we will add your company and projects to our Minestat web application. has on average five hundred pages visited every day.

Cost effective

Get a low cost one pager-style Website with all the basic content you need to properly promote your projects and expand your visibility to potential investors.

It's simple

We will assist you every step of the way in preparing the information you wish to share about your mining projects.

Our services

We define a digital strategy that supports your organization's mission and goals.


Whether you need a custom enterprise solution or you just need a simple project to get started, we manage the hosting of your website.

Web design

Make a strong statement with your website that you want to grow your business. Our web design and development team creates websites with you to best achieve your corporate goals.

Management tools

We offer back-end management tools customized to the needs of your company from personnel management to your invoices.

Engineering services

We offer back-end customized tools for your engineering needs.

Our Recent Works

Here are some of our most recent achievements


Minestat is a Web application designed has a business intelligence tool for the mining industry

Resume management

It is a website that allows you to keep your professional resume up to date trough out your career.


The mission of the Table jamésienne de concertation is to maintain and support the development of the mining industry in Eeyou Istchee Baie-James, through actions established by the concerted efforts of the stakeholders concerned.

Our Packages

We offer three packages


CAN Per Year

Includes the following features:
  • One Pager Website
  • Your company profile
  • Two projects description
  • Exposure in MineStat
  • 1h consultation with p. engineer
  • One update per year


CAN Per Year

Includes the following features:
  • 5 pager Web Site
  • Your company profile
  • Four projects description
  • Exposure in MineStat
  • 5h consultation with p. engineer
  • two update per year
  • Exposure on social media
  • No publicity on your Website


CAN Per Year

Includes the following features:
  • Own shared server
  • 15 pager Website
  • Employee email adress
  • Your company profile
  • Six projects description
  • Exposure in MineStat
  • 16h consultation with p. engineer
  • Tree update per year
  • Stock Quote prices
  • commodity prices

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